vinarstvo petrič vina s tradicijo slap vipavska dolina
cabernet s.


Vinarstvo petric vina slap







Cabernet vipava valley

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of dark ruby red color with a violet shade. Its varietal aroma reminds of currants and green paprika. It offers a moderately full and slightly sweetish taste on the palate. Its medium length after-taste leaves a light sensation of tannins.


Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 dry
Alcohol: 12,5 %vol
Geographical area: Vipava valley – Slovenia
Name of the vineyard: Polzelce and Pudlog
Age: 15-30 years
Altitude: 120 metres above sea level
Exposure: south-east
Soil type: marl
Harvest: hand-harvested, end of September beginning of October
Vinification: maceration for 5 days, fermentation in stainless steel tanks
Maturation: 6 months in oak barrels of 1000l. Bottled with the waning moon 36 months after harvest, with very low levels of SO2.
Maturing in the bottle: at least 6 months

Rose osvežilno vino

Cabernet Sauvignon complements minestrone stews with smoked meat, medium matured cheeses, spicy beefsteaks and venison dishes.







Srebrna medalja gornja Radgona cabernet sauvignon Srebrna medalja Cabernet sauvignon



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