vinarstvo petrič vina s tradicijo slap vipavska dolina
white natura

Vinarstvo petric vina slap




orange white natura;

White Natura is made out of particular grapes of Ribolla, Malvasia and autochthonous variety Zelen. The yellow colour with gold fragrances indicates that the wine was matured in the finest wooden barrels. It is wine, produced as our grandparents used to do it, highly connected with nature. Aroma is fruty-flowernes and complemented by the subtle aroma of vanilla and smoke. The Ribolla character is dominant, and fits nicely with Malvasia and Zelen, which makes the wine wider, moderately full and more elegant.


Grape variety: Ribolla, Malvasia and Zelen
Alcohol: 13 %vol
Geographical area: Vipava valley – Slovenia
Name of the vineyard: Preske and Pil
Age: 30 years
Altitude: 140 -200 metres above sea level
Exposure: south-east
Soil type: marl
Harvest: hand-harvested, end of September
Vinification: maceration for 15 days, spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels
Maturation: 9 months in oak barrels of 500l. Bottled with the waning moon 10 months after harvest, unfiltered, with very low levels of sulfit.
Maturing in the bottle: at least 8 months

Rose osvežilno vino

White Nature pairs well with tuna, eel, carp, and catfish, as well as with turkey, pork and veal meat dishes. Served up at 16° C.









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