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The rich tradition of viticulture and the winemaking family goes back to 1778 and is passed down from generation to generation. My ancestors initially produced a small amount of wine, but they were very proud and grateful for what they had worked hard to produce. I am Urban Petrič and I am the eighth generation of winemakers. I have a lot of passion, dedication and love for viticulture and winemaking, just like the previous owners.

Today, the estate consists of a total of nine vineyards that stretch over eight hectares of land. All my vineyards are located on the southern slopes in the Vipava valley around my native village Slap, which was already described in the 17th century. It was described by Valvasor in his book Glory of the Duchy of Kranjska (1689), where he especially praised the noble wines from Slap: “The tears of the vineyards in SLAP, which lies near Lože, are even more delicious.” The soil of the vineyards is a mixture of limestone, marl, sandstone and clay. The results are wines rich in mineral substances.

The natural weather conditions in the Vipava valley help me produce wines of a special quality. We are located on the border between mediterranean and continental climates. Due to the mixing of climates, the Burja wind is created. Burja is a strong northeast wind that can exceed 200 km/h. It usually occurs in the winter months. In summer, there is a gentle wind that helps dry the morning dew. Because of this, we can produce healthy grapes and later natural wines.

Centennial experiences are passed down from generation to generation and extremely valuable. We have acquired a lot of experience from our ancestors regarding the cultivation of vines and wines. We are now building on these experiences by introducing new technologies that help to achieve top quality wines. We are aware that the quality of wines depends to a large extent on the cultivation and stress on the vines. We are in favor of single-spar cultivation, which gives a smaller yield, but the quality of the grapes is much better, because such grapes have more sugar and taste. We are also following the development of a more environmentally friendly way of growing grapes. This means growing grapes with less spraying and using natural fertilizers. I produce 10 different varieties of wine, 70% white and 30% red. In addition to other varieties, I am very proud of two local indigenous grape varieties, Zelen and Pinela.

Meet my Family and my ancestors

    Izidor and Dora Petrič

    Their heart beats for winemaking.

    Izidor and Dora Petrič
    7th generation
    Urban Petrič

    I have a lot of passion and love for viticulture and winemaking

    Urban Petrič
    8th Present wine producer
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Sustainable wine production / TRAJNOSTNO UPRAVLJANJE Z VINOGRADI

We do not use any insecticide or herbicide and we use only organic fertilizer

Geographically protected grapes / GEOGRAFSKO ZAŠČITENO VINO

All the grapes and wines are produced in Vipava valley area.


Petrič family dates back to 1778 and is passed from generation to generation.